Fort Liberty Off Post/Off Base Housing

Fort Liberty offers a range of off-base housing options tailored to the needs of military personnel, government travelers, and their families. These accommodations provide a comfortable and convenient living environment, allowing residents to enjoy a sense of community while serving their country.

Cost of Living in Fort Liberty/Fayetteville, North Carolina

The cost of living in Fort Liberty and the surrounding area of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is generally affordable, making it an attractive option for military families. The monthly rent for an apartment in Fayetteville stands at $1,223 for a 1,012 sqft apartment. Rent prices fluctuate based on factors such as the apartment’s location, size, and overall quality. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, the average home value is approximately $207,144. Other essentials are typically within reasonable ranges, allowing residents to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. 

Off Base Housing Resources in Fort Liberty

Military personnel, government travelers, and their families can access various resources to find suitable off-base housing in Fort Liberty and Fayetteville, North Carolina. These resources include online platforms, local real estate agencies, and community bulletin boards, providing options ranging from apartments to single-family homes.

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